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I'm an AI team manager now

Life is not predictable.
I've become the AI team manager after l.point big data platform construct project, LOTTE department store AI shopping advisor chatbot development project and the operation for about 1 year in Korea.

I didn't have a wish to be a manager. I wanted to work as business intelligence and machine learning engineer. But, the situation came suddenly. I've worked as a manager for 10 months and fantastic events have continued one after another until even today.

I still love field works and see lots of things I want to do. So, worry continues.
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I've decided to blog in English from now on.
The main subject of my blog is Business Intelligence. It's my job. To be more specific, SAP and Microsoft BI are going to be often mentioned. And I like to talk about the IT trends and IT planning. IT planning is my job, too.

New post will come soon.